• Women's Haircut                   50.00
  •  Men                                      30.00
  • Color                                     70.00+
  • Weave                                   85.00+
  • Corrective                             70.0+/hr
  • Smoothing Services               250.00+
  • Extensions                            consultation needed

Megan has been with Bella Lena for 16 years. She started with us in a work experience program and we have never let her go. She has become a very loved and valuable team member. Always being ready for a challenge makes her a creative and out of the box hair colorist and cutter .Her training includes:


  • Davines- Hair Color, Haircutting, Product Knowledge
  • Ion Studios New York- Styling and Special Occasion Hair
  • Texturizing Certifications
  • Rusk-  Haircutting, Coloring, Texturizing Services
  • Extensions