Color Space-

Color Space offers a wide range of scientifically-driven products that address hair and scalp wellness, and enables salons to create customized menus of color services.

Davines Hair Color offers a collection of professional products, education and tools designed to enhance the color experience for our clients. An amazing range of products helps actualize the hairdresser’s creative vision while always maintaining the health of hair. This allows us to indulge our most creative  ideas and create multi dimensional hair color. We consult with each client to create their very own hair color reflecting their own personality. Our in-depth training focuses on strengthening the hairdresser’s knowledge,both scientific and technical, giving us much success in our work. Some of our clients below.


Inspirations from Davines


  • Creamy formula rich in conditioning agents and milk proteins that have a compacting binding and hydrating action on the hair's cuticles while colouring. It perfectly covers white hair, it can be used as a tone on tone or semi-permanent and can lighten up to five levels if extralift are used. NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:
  • Hydrolyzed milk proteins - intense conditioning and protecting action;
  • Vegetable lipids components - to compact the cuticles and enhance the shine;
  • CPS:Cream, Protection, Shine.This is the latest Mask colour formulation and is enriched with emollient components of vegetable origin.


  • Ammonia free colour cream enriched with carotenoids and melanin for a strong anti-oxidant action that is able to cover perfectly white hair, to lighten up to three levels to darken and to change the reflex.
  • Monoethanolamine - natural biodegradable alkalizing agent;
  • Natural carotenoids - vegetable pigments with an antioxidant action;
  • Vegetable melanin - an antioxidant and anti-free radical;

Mask Light


  •  Creamy emulsion based on wheat proteins it restructure the hair while colouring, can provide up to 100% white hair coverage. Demi or Semi permanent.

Finest Pigments


Gel formula, ammonia free formulated with ingredients up to 95% of natural origin. Simple and fast to use, does not require an activator. Immediately colours hair. Intensifies the natural hair colour and emphasizes cosmetic hair colour. Tones highlights and can be used to camouflage white hair and obtains intense creative reflects on bleached hair. It represents the first approach to colour for natural hair. Can be used immediately after a perm or relaxing treatment.


FLAMBOYAGE-A technique exclusive to Davines Salons. Results can vary from natural, sun-kissed looks to extremely edgy. Ask Your hairdresser about FLAMBOYAGE! WE LOVE IT!

  • ALCHEMIC SYSTEM- Take Home Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner keeps your hair shiny and looking like new between appointments.Use for extra pop
  • Direct pigments - pigments that colour directly without the activator use
  • Hydrolyzed milk proteins - intense conditioning and protecting action;
  • Mild sulfactants - gentle and careful cleansing of the hair;
  • Provitamin B5 - deep moisturizing action;